Cultural Awarness (Important Application Letter)

Cultural Awarness

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Actually, there are two important types of application letter. They are speculative and cover letters.

Speculative Letters

A speculative letter is sent as part of a speculative application together with a resume. 

It should sound positive and enthusiastic. It should also be clearly structured to cover:

  • The kind of work you’re looking for;
  • The reason why you want to work for that company in particular;
  • The reason why you are suitable; and
  • The relevant skills, experience, and personal qualities in your enclosed resume.
Therefore, this type of letter should be:
  • Tailored to the specific company rather tan a standard letter used for a number of speculative application; and
  • Addressed to a named individual – you can phone the company and ask if you’re not sure to whom you send it.

Try to offer a number of option in your letter. It is important especially if they have no vacancies, as they might keep your details on file. 

You may write in your letter that you are open for an interview invitation as well.

Cover Letter

A cover letter usually accompanies an application form or a resume for a job vacancy advertised. A cove letter is very important. 

It is a great chance to sell yourself. You have to make your resume and application worth reading. 

Use your resume on letter to highlight your enthusiasm and suitable for the job offered. 

Try to emphasize yor positive sides the letter should be clearly structured to cover:

  • The kind of work advertised;
  • The reason why you are applying to them, why the job interest you, and why you want to work for that company in particular; and
  • The reason why you are suitable. You might emphasize your relevant skill, experience, and personal qualities by elaborating on the information in your resume or application form and use the same key words wherever possible.

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