Adequacy/ Inadequacy (Too…to…; Enough to…) and Advertisement

Adequacy/ Inadequacy

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Too and enough indicate degree, but they have different meaning in the sentences. 

Too is used that something is below or above what is desirable. 

The general rule is:

Too + Adjective/ Adverb + To Infinitive

Too + Adjective + Infinitive

  • Too infinitive verb in this form relates to the subject of the sentences. Then, it has an active meaning. 
Example : you are too young to drive. (You are too young. You cannot drive)
  • To infinitive here represents the object. Then it has a passive meaning. 
Example : the plate was too hot to touch. (The plate is too hot, it cannot be touched)
  • The infinitive can refer similarity to the object of preposition. 
Example : The grass was too wet(for us) to sit on. (The grass is too wet. We cannot sit on the grass)

Too + Adjective + A + Noun + Infinitive

Example : He is too experienced a conductor to mind what the critics say. (As a conductor, he is too experienced to mind what the critics say)

Too + Adverb + Infinitive

Example : She spoke too quickly for me to understand. (she spoke too quickly. Then, I cannot understand what she said)

Enough is used to express that something which is sufficient. 

The general rule is:

Adjective/Adverb + Enough + To Infinitive Verb

Adjective + Enough + Infinitive

  • The infinitive can refer to the subject. 
For example :  she is old enough to travel by herself. (she is not young. She can travel by herself)
  • The infinitive refers to the object. 
Example : the case is light enough for me to carry. (the case is light. It can be carried by me)
  • It can be refer to the object of preposition. 
Example : the ice was thick enough to walk on. (the ice was thick. We can walk on it).

Enough in negative sentences means less than sufficient/ necessary

  •  You’re not working fast enough, to finish it on time. (you’re not working fast enough, you won’t finish your work on time
  • The car doesn’t run fast enough to get to the airport on time (the car doesn’t run fast enough, it won’t to get to the airport on time)


Advertisement is picture, short film, song, etc.which tries to persuade people to buy a product or service, or join an event. 

A successful advertising will spread the work about the products, services, or event being advertised to, attract customers and generate sales. 

The most suitable advertising option for business will depend on the target audience. 

The advertising option chosen should also reflect the right environment for the things being advertised. 

Advertisement are commonly found in mass media, such as newspaper, television, or internet and usually put in public places.

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